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The Emanuel Prinz YouTube channel with Training Vodcasts and Interviews:  

Free Catalyst Self-Assessment

More Publications on Movements

The Effective Catalyst: An Analysis of the Traits and Competencies of Pioneers who have Catalyzed a Movement – published in Global Missiology:

Does the DMM Approach Lead to Movement Breakthrough? – published in Global Missiology:

Prerequisites for Movements? Questioning Two Widely-Held Assumptions – published in Global

The Role of Signs and Wonders in Movement Breakthrough – published in Global Missiology:

Continuing the Conversation on “Proclamational” DBS

Four Reflections from the Motus Dei Network

Prinz, Emanuel.  2023. “The Person, Not The Method.” Mission Frontiers 43(4): 42-47.

Daniels, Gene, and Prinz, Emanuel. „An Elusive Consensus: Traits and Competencies of Movement Catalysts.” Global Missiology 20(3):33-45.

Daniel, Gene, and Prinz, Emanuel. 2023. “Movement Catalysts’ Self-Awareness: A Factor in Fruitfulness.” Evangelical Missions Quarterly 59(4):88-91.

Prinz, Emanuel, and Goldhor, Alison. 2023. “The Kind of Person God Uses to Catalyze a Movement; Traits and Competencies of Effective Movement Catalysts.” Journal Evangelical Missiological Society 3(3):60-73.

Hoskins, Daniel. G., and Prinz, Emanuel. 2024. Catalysts are more likely to start a movement the more they grow. Missiology, 52(2), 212-224.

Catalyst Competence Research March 2022

“Charisma and its Companions: Church movements need magnetic leaders. But the best leaders need more than charm" - Published in Christianity Today

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