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Catalytic Leadership Accelerator

The Catalytic Leadership Accelerator delivers what the name suggests: It accelerates the growth of your key movement leaders. Through this program you and your core team will develop the Catalytic Qualities that characterize effective movement catalysts. And that will empower your movement leadership as well as accelerate your movement impact. Give your key leaders the opportunity to go through this!

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The Accelerator consists of three key elements:

Element 1 – Processing pre-loaded content: This is a 2,000-word resource or a 10-20 minute audio or video recording, combined with self-coaching questions. Participants process the content in preparation for the cohort session and come with the pump primed.

Element 2 – Participating in monthly sessions: The cohort meets online once a month for 55 minutes. Each session has three parts:

  • Reviewing growth steps taken during the previous month in the development of the Catalytic Quality of the previous session

  • Processing the new Catalytic Quality introduced, with a focus on practical ministry application

  • Determining new growth steps towards the new Catalytic Quality of the session, in the context of real-life ministry


Element 3 – Practicing growth steps: at the end of every cohort session every participant determines for themselves which specific steps they commit to in order to practice the Catalytic Quality during the coming month. In between cohort sessions, they take these growth steps, practice the Catalytic Quality, and learn more in the process.


Testimonials from excited participants

“Walking through this one-to-one has truly accelerated my growth as a movement leader. It offers original content I have not seen anywhere else. And Emanuel has the special ability to help me understand myself and my movement context more deeply. First I thought I was too busy for this but now I don’t want to move forward without it. I highly recommend it to any movement leader.”

Steven Steinhaus, New Generations Regional Director Southeast Asia

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“My core team of outside catalysts has been going through the Catalytic Leadership Accelerator, and it has invited us to deeper expressions of the characteristics we want to model and train local leaders in. Emanuel’s smooth yet challenging facilitation style creates an appetite for self-discovery and immediate application. It is definitely equipping us to express our team value of “Be what we want to see” and making us more effective.”

John Becker, Africa Inland Mission Strategy Coordinator, 3P Ministries Team Leader

“The Catalytic Leadership Accelerator is amazing, and I love it! All the input is literal gold dust. The sessions are fantastic because it's a real privilege to be able to grapple through the really critical issues. It has inspired me in a huge way and honestly revolutionized my spiritual life. I’m learning these things in a joyful rather than pressured way. It's so exciting, as I feel I am on a new journey that God is leading me on.  So a huge thanks for the 'catalytic effect' on me and the rest of the team in loads of ways. It's just being SO helpful. Wow! I could go on for a long time on all this…”

Nikki P., church planter

More Details

Time frame: flexible from six to 24 months, depending on individual agreement.

Topics: the content is tailored to the unique needs and desires of your key leaders. You can choose the topics for your cohort from among the following Catalytic Qualities:


  1. Radical Learning

  2. Innovation

  3. Drive to Achieve

  4. Conscientiousness

  5. Internal Locus of Control

  6. Persistence

  7. Agreeableness

  8. Flexibility

  9. Emotional Stability


  1. Hunger for God

  2. Listening to God

  3. Evangelistic Zeal

  4. Expectant Faith

  5. Deep Prayer

  6. Tangible Love

  7. Confidence in Local Disciples

  8. Confidence in the Bible


  1. Extroversion

  2. Assertiveness

  3. Inspiring Personality

  4. Influencing Others' Beliefs

  5. Inspiring Shared Vision

  6. Reproducible Disciple Making

  7. Empowering


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