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EXPONENTIAL Movement Training

God has used the EXPONENTIAL™ Disciple-Making and Church-Planting seminar to equip more than 10,000 church leaders as movement practitioners in the past few years. Every single month on average 200 more are being trained.

Check it out to see if it may boost your ministry toward movements!

What makes the EXPONENTIAL seminar unique?

  • The training was developed on the basis of empirical research into more than 170 movements worldwide

  • The seminar trains participants in the qualities and competencies that mark effective movement catalysts

  • The training covers a unique combination of personal spiritual qualities and ministry competencies

  • The event in itself provides a spiritually formative experience


We are offering you the EXPONENTIAL™ Disciple-Making and Church-Planting seminar to equip your ministry team and partners in effective disciple-making that will become reproducible. This can then lead to a movement where disciples make disciples and churches plant churches into the fourth generation or beyond. That is how disciple-making becomes exponential! 


Register your interest in an EXPONENTIAL Disciple-Making Seminar coming to your country, network, or ministry!

Bill Smith – the “Father of Movements”

“Biblically based, this training is excellent. I have recommended it already.”

David Garrison

"Emanuel has shown us the way to better prepare movement catalysts.”

What makes EXPONENTIAL so effective?

We have thoroughly evaluated the seminars, asked participants for feedback, and continued to improve it. We have found that

The EXPONENTIAL training…

  • Goes beyond merely increasing knowledge

  • Equips participants with practical competencies

  • Is strongly Bible-based 

  • Utilizes communal learning

  • Considers oral learner preferences

  • Culminates in a ministry action plan every trainee takes home

  • Is supplemented by follow-up from local ministry leaders, maximizing its impact

EXP Learning group with me by Sam_edited.jpg

Some found the EXPONENTIAL so beneficial that they have championed training 100s or even 1000s themselves in their ministries and spheres of influence. This is what they say: 

Dr. Sunday Adepoju – Executive Secretary, Church of Nigeria Missionary Society: “We are taking this seminar to all our 167 dioceses, with the vision to see our 20 million members equipped as disciple-makers.”

Dr. S. Rhakho, Director Harvest Ministries International, India:“ The over fifty batches of EXP training that I have conducted both online and physically have produced and reproduced real, fruitful disciple-makers. They now serve in 33 different people groups in five countries, and hundreds of churches have come into existence. We have truly experienced an exponential growth of disciples through the EXP.”

Ademola Olatunji – CAPRO Nigeria Missionary to Mozambique, Africa Coordinator of Big Life: “I have attended a number of different Movement trainings and practised and taught myself. This material however is unique. It will not only equip, it will promote personal revival in the field workers. Having attended an EXPONENTIAL training, the personal experiences in it make one feel like running to implement immediately. That's how I feel right now. I have used the material to train all pioneer missionaries among the 22 unreached peoples in Mozambique.”



EXP Ethiopia all participants from balcony.jpeg

“Having watched Emanuel train 1300 of our Nigerian missionaries, it is my conviction that it will be of immense value to the mission movement.”

Mike Adegbile – Executive Secretary, Nigeria Evangelical Missions Association NEMA

 “This training is a key tool for your expansion. We are committed to taking it to 70 nations.”

Dan Brokke, CEO, and Tim Freeman, EVP of Bethany International:

EXP India New Delhi Exponential group Jan 2020-TO BE CROPPED_edited.jpg


Register your interest in an EXPONENTIAL Disciple-Making Seminar coming to your country, network, or ministry!

You can check out our Practitioner Manual! You’ll find a downloadable version here.

The EXPONENTIAL resources are available currently in ten different languages.

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