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My New Book Based on Groundbreaking Research

My new book Movement Catalysts is based on the first-ever empirical research on effective movement catalysts. It is anything but dry theory though. Quite the opposite, in the book you will find not only the catalytic qualities that characterize effective movement catalysts but even the best practices of each of the qualities, gleaned directly from their lives and ministries. Reading the book affords you the opportunity to learn from the best! 

David Garrison says in his foreword: “I have become a big fan of Dr. Emanuel Prinz as a result of this insightful work. He has taken us to a new level of understanding and is showing us the way to better preparing God’s people to become the kind of leaders that He delights in using. My hat is off to Dr. Prinz. I commend this book to missiologists, missionaries, and Great Commission pursuers everywhere. Read it carefully. Then read it again. Let it inform your missionary community.” 

Movement Catalysts Coverv3_edited.jpg

Around the world, movements to Christ are sparking and flourishing in some of the darkest places while other Christian efforts have seen either little or no positive response. How do we attempt to explain this disparity? Movement Catalysts points to the apostolic leader as the critical factor in  successfully catalyzing movements, arguing that wherever you see a movement, you will find a catalyst with a specific set of qualities.

In this groundbreaking book you will find:

  • best practices on movement ministry, gleaned from the lives of some of the most fruitful movement catalysts

  • the catalytic qualities that characterize effective movement catalysts 

  • specific applications for movement mobilization, selection, and appointment of leaders

  • key areas of leadership development and training identified


For anyone serious about wanting to be used by God to start and sustain a movement, Movement Catalysts offers a blueprint of the person you will want to grow into. While we cannot manufacture a movement, we can take charge of the person we are becoming, acquiring and developing the catalytic qualities of a transformational catalyst.

In the Endorsements page you will find the praise for Movement Catalysts from numerous global Christian leaders. 

Includes a free bonus catalyst self-assessment.

This is your opportunity to learn from the best!

Order Your Copy Now!

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