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Some movements to Christ are sparking and flourishing in the darkest places while other ministry efforts see little response.

Emanuel Prinz believes the difference is catalytic leadership.

Read on to discover the evidence base behind this startling claim, discover the profile of an effective movement catalyst and learn how you can grow into one.

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Emanuel Prinz


Emanuel desires to live as the Father’s Beloved, to receive His love and pass it on to others, above
He has worked as a movement practitioner for more than 20 years and was used by God to start a
movement among an unengaged Muslim people group in North Africa.
Today he is a movement researcher, trainer and coach, and the author of Movement Catalysts. Every month on average more than 250 practitioners are trained in his EXPONENTIAL™ movement training, which is available in ten languages at
His life calling is to lovingly develop and resource pioneer leaders and to start up pioneer ventures, so that the kingdom will advance to the last unengaged people groups in this generation.

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